Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Drive Your Automatic Car Like A Pro

We are big fans of EVs here, and we have good reason to be! They are a breeze to drive, come with top-notch safety features and don’t get us started on the jaw-dropping savings at the fuel pump. To say that EVs are one of the best things to have happened to mankind would be an understatement.

Automatic transmission has revolutionized the car industry, bringing unprecedented convenience to drivers, be it pros or rookies. But here’s the scoop: driving an EV requires a slight shift in habits. As more drivers make the switch, it’s natural to stumble upon common pitfalls. Fortunately, our experience reviewing countless EVs has taught us some invaluable tricks that we wish all first-time EV drivers knew. Get ready to level up your EV game. Here are 10 common mistakes you might make while driving your automatic car.

1. Going faster than speed limits

Despite the general notion that EVs have slower top speeds, some people continue to push the speed limit for a few reasons. To begin with, EVs deliver quick torque and smooth acceleration making for a thrilling driving experience which tempts the drivers to go beyond their comfort zones. Second, because there is no engine noise, it is challenging for drivers to judge speed.

However, when you go over the speed limit, it not only compromises your safety but also the safety of others on the road with you. It also uses up more energy, which reduces the EV’s efficiency and range.

Last but not least, you should set a good example for other drivers by driving sensibly and obeying the law.

2. Switching to “neutral” often

It’s crucial to avoid regularly shifting your electric vehicle into neutral. Many people do this while waiting at the red light but all you’re doing is cutting the fuel supply to the engine. This implies that you lose control of the engine’s gears to slow down the car. Instead, you’re left only using the main brakes, which puts extra pressure on them. This poses a concern since it lessens your ability to manage the vehicle, which is dangerous when you need to act fast while driving downhill. In order to maintain better control, effectively slow down, and ensure a safer driving experience overall, it is recommended to keep your electric car in drive mode.

3. Using both feet while driving

Here’s why it’s a big no-no to drive your electric car while using both feet. Many people who drive automatic cars make the error of controlling the car with both their left and right leg.

However, automated vehicles just have the brake and accelerator pedals. Some people have a tendency to accelerate with their right foot while braking with their left foot when driving. This is a risky practice that could result in unforeseen circumstances. You might wind up braking and accelerating at the same time, sending the automobile spinning out of control.

The best strategy is to keep your left foot off the ground or pressed firmly against the dead pedal while using your right foot for both braking and acceleration.

4. Putting in ‘Park’ before stopping

It’s crucial to never put your automated vehicle on “Park” until it has completely stopped. Some more recent EVs might not even permit you to do this until the vehicle has completely stopped. However, if you rush through it, the gearbox in your car could be harmed. You see, the ‘Park’ mode is intended to keep the car still when it is parked, not to replace the brakes. Wheels are locked in position when you select “Park.” But if you try to switch to ‘Park’ before the car has fully stopped, you risk damaging this locking pin. Replacing this pin can be extremely expensive and put a strain on your finances. Therefore, never switch to “Park” until your automatic vehicle has totally stopped. It’s a simple yet important step to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your automatic transmission.

5. Revving the engine before shifting gear

It might seem great to rev your electric car’s engine before changing gears, but trust us when we say it’s not a good idea!

Automatic gearbox cars have a clever launch control option, in contrast to manual gearbox cars where you control how the car starts. Many newbies to automatic cars make the mistake of revving the engine before putting the vehicle in “D” mode, which can cause a shaky start and harm to the engine and gearbox. So, this is what you ought to do instead: When you are ready to drive, release the brake pedal after lightly pressing it while the automobile is still in Drive mode.

This will provide a safe and smooth launch without damaging your priceless electric automobile. Keep in mind that maintaining your car’s engine and gearbox is crucial for both its long-term performance and a good driving experience. Let’s avoid the needless revving used in action films and focus on protecting the wellbeing of our beloved EV.

6. Driving in “neutral” down the slope

While driving an electric vehicle is thrilling, make sure you avoid this frequent blunder: never put your car in neutral when going downhill. Vehicles with manual transmissions can also use this rule.

Although some people do this to save fuel, it can damage your car. The gearbox stops receiving the oil supply it needs to keep lubricated and stay at the proper temperature when you put the car in neutral. This can cause the gearbox to overheat. Additionally, you lose control and are unable to utilize the accelerator when necessary when your car is in neutral. Contrary to popular assumption, going down a slope doesn’t require much fuel. So, to have a safer and more controlled ride, always keep your electric vehicle in drive!

7. Switching directions without stopping

Some people try to shift gears before their EV has completely stopped. It could be out of ignorance or it could be lack of awareness. However, it’s a recipe for disaster.

It is not a good idea to abruptly go from reverse to drive or vice versa instead of using the brakes to stop the car. It results in costly damage to the entire gearbox system in addition to causing excessive wear on the gears. It’s comparable to putting your gearbox in danger.

Always remember to bring your car to a complete stop before changing between forward and backward to safeguard your gearbox and save costly repair fees. Let’s treat our gearboxes with the utmost attention and maintain their good condition for smooth driving.

8. Driving with an almost empty tank

Listen up, folks! Here’s a little secret: automatic autos thrive on the pressure of gasoline. It’s like their lifeblood, keeping the engine and crucial components cool, calm, and lubed up. But here’s the catch: if your fuel tank is always almost empty, those vital parts won’t be too pleased. They’ll wear out faster than you can say “vroom-vroom.”

And there’s more! Over time, nasty little contaminants can settle at the bottom of your gasoline tank, just waiting to wreak havoc on your engine. Sounds scary, right?

That’s why you gotta keep that tank fully loaded. Fill it up to the brim! By doing so, you’ll ride along with fewer hiccups, ensuring a smoother, more dependable drive. Remember, a happy fuel tank means a happy automobile! Let’s keep the good vibes (and the fuel) flowing!

9. Driving Without Engine Warmup

Driving your automatic car without giving it time to warm up can spell trouble, especially on chilly days. When it’s cold outside, the oil in your car becomes thicker and flows slower than normal. It’s important to let the fuel reach the transmission and spread evenly before you hit the road.

Take a moment for the fuel to circulate through the transmission and all its components before jumping straight into Drive mode and speeding off

10. Resting Your Hand On The Gear Stick

Resting your hand on the gear stick might seem harmless, but it can lead to two important problems – increased wear and tear, and compromised safety.

When you rest your hand on the gear stick, it puts pressure on the shifter rail, which in turn affects the synchronizers. These synchronizers interact with the gears and create friction. This friction can cause the gear teeth to wear out prematurely, leading to damage.

Moreover, keeping your hand on the gear stick can also distract you from focusing on the road, putting your safety at risk. So, remember to keep your hand off the gear stick and stay safe on your drive.

These small things do add up

Remember, even the small things can have a big impact on your car’s health. Simple habits that may seem harmless can actually lead to unexpected breakdowns in inconvenient places. Plus, they can put you in serious danger if you’re not careful. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! By following these easy tips, you can keep yourself safe on the road and make your car last longer. So, the next time you go for a drive, remember to steer clear of these risky and costly habits.

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